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The Nursery is now OPEN for 2024
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All orders dispatched in 5-7 days
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Pink flowered Geraniums

Pink Flowered Geraniums

2023-08-22T18:16:53+01:00 July 24th, 2020|Colour|

Tickled Pink!

When it comes to geraniums there are many different types of pink flowers. They range from the palest pinks like G. x oxonianum ‘Katherine Adele’, where they are almost white to the softest pinks such as G. ‘Light Dilys’, to the bright, and frankly, in your face magenta pinks of G. subcaulescens ‘Giuseppii’.

Below is a list of pink geraniums, many of which can be found on the website. It has been split into three groups, pale pinks, mid-pinks and bright pinks. The flowers will vary in size, some will have a modest diameter of 3cm whereas some will be very large with the potential to reach 6cm’s in diameter. The plants will also vary in size, height and habit, some will be upright and clump forming where others will be more rambling. Some petals will be plain, or have a beautiful, intricate lacework of veins such as G. transversale ‘Foundlings Friend’ while others might have a distinctive edge on each petal as with G. sanguineum ‘Elke’.

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Pale Pinks

x oxonianum ‘Katherine Adele’

sanguineum ‘Apfelblute’

x oxonianum ‘Cream Chocolate’

x oxonianum ‘Walters Gift’

sanguineum ‘Pink Pouffe’

maculatum ‘Espresso’




macrorrhizum ‘Ingerwersen’s Variety’

sanguineum ‘Canon Miles’

Mid Pinks

x oxonianum ‘Wargrave Pink’

x oxonianum ‘Rose Clair’

riversleaianum ‘Russell Prichard’



x cantabrigiense ‘Cambridge’

G ‘Mavis Simpson’


phaeum ‘Alec’s Pink’

Bright Magenta Pinks



‘Devon Pride’

‘Little David’

sanguineum ‘Max Frei’

sanguineum ‘Ankum’s Pride’