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>Geranium ‘JS Matu Vu’ PBR

Geranium ‘JS Matu Vu’ PBR

Geranium ‘JS Matu Vu’ PBR

Cranesbill 'JS Matu Vu' PBR


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Geranium Matu Vu translates from French to Can you see me? in English. A diminutive form of psilostomen reaching up to 30cms tall. This is an upright cultivar with fresh green broad palmate foliage and bright pink flowers. Bred by Jan Spruyt.

Geraniums are herbaceous perennials and for the most part they are super easy to grow and fuss free. They require minimal maintenance, and, in most cases, you will be able to propagate them by division and have many more plants in next to no time.

Not only are geraniums fuss free, but they are also generally pest and disease resistant. They are, once established, drought tolerant and even slugs and snails turn their noses up at them.

With all this in mind, attractive flowers and foliage and long flowering periods what’s not to love about geraniums? They must be one of the most forgiving and enduring yet generous plants around.


Care & Maintenance

Remove faded flowers and foliage to encourage fresh growth and further flowering throughout the season. Lift and divide large, congested clumps in the spring.

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