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Starter pots

>Introducing Starter Pots

Introducing Starter Pots

What is a Starter Pot?

A starter pot is a bare root plant that has recently been potted up into an appropriately sized pot, in this case a 1.5L container. The plants aren’t quite fully rooted and need a bit longer to grow before being planted out into their final situation. They have have been potted up for at least 6 weeks and are showing signs of top and bottom growth, this way we know the bare root has broken winter dormancy and will thrive.

When you see roots at the bottom and the sides of the pot your plant is ready to be planted out into your garden. They have been potted up with a long-term control release fertiliser to help give them a boost as they get going.

How do I know what I’m buying?

In the plant profile you will see Pot Size. Starter Pots will be clearly marked as Starter Pot 1.5L.

How much are they?

They are the cost of the bare root plant plus a little extra to cover costs of compost, pots, and labour but they’re cheaper than fully rooted containerised plant.

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