Covid-19 and The Hardy Geranium Nursery March 2020

>Covid-19 and The Hardy Geranium Nursery March 2020

Covid-19 and The Hardy Geranium Nursery March 2020

Okay well this year got off to a rocky start for me at the nursery. The ridiculously wet winter we endured, no doubt the result of all the rain dances and prayers horticulturists throughout the UK sent up last summer, has left my geraniums on something of a back foot. Because they are potted stock, they have got a bit too wet and are at present sulking. And by this, I mean they are being slow to put down roots. Any of you who have ever bought plants from me will know that I have a high bar for top and bottom growth, the roots are as important, if not more so, than what’s going on up top.

Normally I would be patient and wait it out, only releasing for sale plants that I deem worthy. This year, well more specifically the last two weeks have probably been the most unusual, stressful and tumultuous in my whole life. And I’ve had to rethink things. Adapt, evolve and adjust.

When I first heard about coronavirus in the news in January it never occurred to me that it would impact us here in the UK never mind my business, my now, three-year-old, but still fledgling, little business. And now I am seeing, hearing and reading nothing but awful stories about this virus and its impact on all of us.

When the Prime Minister finally made the announcement that the country would be going into Lockdown I was in turmoil. Would I be allowed to go to the nursery and care for my plants? Would I be able to sell my plants? If I couldn’t go to the nursery at all, my plants would perish and so, therefore, would my business and all I would be left with would be debt. Being a three-year-old business I qualify for no help from the government whatsoever.

So, as I mentioned previously, I’ve had to rethink how I’m going to run the business this year. I prefer to sell all my plants at one size, fully rooted, garden ready in a 2L pot for £8.95. However, with the virus wrecking horticultural businesses up and down the land and the definite possibility of finding myself in a situation where I cannot go to the nursery and all the repercussions that would bring me I’m going to change my pricing and product structure.

There are some plants that will continue to be sold in the same format, fully rooted, garden ready in a 2L pot for £8.95. But I’m going to introduce bare root plants for £4.95 and plants that are semi-rooted in a 2L pot for £5.95. The bare roots will be the equivalent to a 2L size plant.

Please pay close attention to the description on the plant profile pages.

All plants will, as usual, be sent with appropriate aftercare information.

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